Sara P.
Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing
My experience with Chica is great so far! I used to get at least one huge zit on my face or chest during/leading up to my period, but with just my first month of Chica I didn’t experience this kind of acne. My skin is usually clear, so even one big zit would throw my confidence out of whack. Instead, with Chica, my face is clear! Naturally amazing😍 I usually experience really painful cramps in the first stage of my period, which I usually take Pamprin Max to alleviate. Usually I’ll have to take pamprin for at least two days of my cycle (4 pills total maybe) and this time around I only had to use one pill because my cramps were far less severe. I believe in the power of Chica and I SO prefer it to any over the counter medicine or unnatural remedy. Thank you thank you thank you!

Scientists Say Bad Periods Take Away Nine Productive Days from You Every Year

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