Last night, we had the privilege of co-hosting an intimate event, simply named the Period Party, discussing and celebrating periods, and how we move through the world with our menstrual cycles. We organized this event with Loam Home, a community center and creative working space in support of climate regeneration led by three women – Kate, Jess, & Tessa. Loam Home just recently completed a Kickstarter campaign to turn their vision into a physical space, and in the meantime we were honored that they approached Chica to co-plan their first pop-up event. 

Tucked into an intimate circle that perfectly used all the chairs in the space, we opened with introductions of our names, what brought us to the event, and one word to describe our periods. The words shared included swollen, reflective, disconnected, bloated, dysmorphic, and stuck. This simple introduction was a wonderful way to immediately share where we all came from with our monthly cycles and helped open up the possibilities of discussion. 

Next, we moved into a warm up dance routine led by Chica. We created the space for movement within the event because we had discovered in our own periods the magical ability of light movement to relieve pain, and we wanted to share this, as most images of living through period pain depict menstruators stagnant in various curled up positions. The blood flow from increasing our heart rate helps our period blood leave our bodies more easily, calms inflammation; and as dancing tends to be a fun activity, also helps boost our mood during a time when our low estrogen levels can leave us feeling bluer. A light stretch with a boppy routine helped us all release giggles and smiles, and this proved to be a great way to help everyone feel engaged with each other. 

As Loam Home is sustainability focused, we wanted to dedicate time to discussing waste-free periods. Elise has enjoyed a waste-free period for over a year, so we knew we were excited to share our experiences, but we were unsure how this topic might be received. To our delight, there were immediately questions and personal experiences to share, and we spent a lengthy discussion brainstorming the options for waste free periods. We shared our favorite resources for menstrual cups (Saalt Cup, Diva Cup, & Flex – there are so many!), period underwear (THINX & Dear Kate), along with our favorite plastic-less cotton tampons (O.B.), and cloth pads (Luna Pads).

Next, we moved into a more open discussion around how we feel during our periods, as well as the other three phases of our menstrual cycle. Jess asked the question, how do you manage working in the world with your period, especially when your period feels difficult and painful? If you have any response to this question, please reply here to share! 

We are very honored to have cohosted the Period Party with Loam Home, and we feel blessed to have shared space with those who showed up and shared. Since we started Chica, we have envisioned hosting period-centric events, and we are grateful for the encouragement of Kate, Jess, and Tessa that made this a dream come true. 

We walked away from this event with a very important lesson that we will carry with us for planning the next Period Party. Last night, we failed to discuss the gendered language around periods, as we assumed that our non-binary language would steer the conversation. We were wrong, and the next time we host an event we will make sure to include an introduction on separating gender from periods, as we acknowledge that this is still a new topic for many people. Not all women bleed, and not all who bleed are women.

Thank you to everyone who came! We love you!

Interested in hosting your own Period Party? Drop us a note at We’d love to collaborate and include Chica Chocolate in your offerings!