This is the anti-excellence newsletter. Here’s what that means: we’re sick and tired of all the New Year’s content. Totally over it. In protest, we’re sending you an email a week into 2020 to let you know that we don’t care about your resolutions–we care about *you* quite a lot, but we don’t plan on getting up in your business about setting goals and sticking to them.

There’s something about being human that has us obsessed with self-optimization, and the excitement around New Year’s is no different. We reflect on our mistakes and triumphs, we compare our success to that of those around us, and we set intentions for the coming year. This can be a wonderful opportunity for growth, but more often than not the New Year’s ritual just feels like a reminder that we are not enough: no matter how much we break down lofty goals into actionable steps, or look at the math on whether or not resolutions actually work, it seems like we’re all buying the same story that we are not worthy of joy or fulfillment unless we make a grand gesture and overhaul our habits. We want to invite compassion back into that picture.

This year, we won’t be sharing any New Year’s reflections or resolutions, and we don’t expect you to either (if you did, that’s wonderful! Remember to be gentle with yourself as you work to meet them). All we need to know is that–regardless of how you celebrate the transition into 2020–your period is not getting in the way of your goals. Whether this year was difficult or fantastic, know that getting here today is a huge accomplishment in itself. As we move forward in time, we want to make sure that your cycle is not one of the things getting in the way of that achievement. 

When it comes to our periods, and feeling better about them, we’re often given one of two options: A) embrace and celebrate it, or B) get rid of it entirely. Unfortunately, most of us are stuck somewhere in the middle. We’re not quite ready to love our cycle; periods are just part of our lived experience, and we’re gritting our teeth and trying to survive it. In 2020, we want to give you back the choice of how you experience your period. Whatever you promised yourself in 2019, do it with an easy flow and a happy uterus!

Here’s the takeaway: we couldn’t care less about resolutions, but we care about you and your period. You might be the same you as last year, but your painful period can be something of the past. #newyearnewperiod