How Honey Fried Licorice Root Helps Your Period – The Story of Why Chica is Not 100% Vegan

Let’s keep it short and sweet today.

One of our most frequent requests in the past was to remove the dairy from Chica Chocolate. We listened, and we now use an Organic Coconut Cream. Not only is Chica now available to more menstruators, it’s also more delicious. Win-Win! Thank you to everyone for speaking up! (PS – Following customer requests, we also made Chica soy-free!)

Now, the vegan note on Chica is accompanied with a *honey, and you may wonder why we are not going full vegan. One of Chica’s essential herbal ingredients is Honey Fried Licorice root. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the method by which herbs are cooked (if they are) is essential to defining the benefits of the plant. Nothing is isolated or purposeless in TCM. The process of cooking medicinal substances to influence their energy and taste is a technique that can be traced back to ancient TCM, and is done to increase effectiveness and specify what the cooked medicinal substance may treat.

Licorice root is offered either raw or honey fried in TCM. Licorice is a harmonizer, balancing the ways other herbs work together, which is incredibly important in TCM formulas, including the Chica herbal formula. Raw licorice root is not the correct form to use in the Chica formula because raw licorice is effective at clearing heat toxins and poisons, such as food poisoning, and raw licorice root pills can be handy to have around for spells of diarrhea. Honey fried licorice is, simply put, gentler, and tonifying for your body. An herb is tonifying when it balances energies in the body, which are interpreted in TCM as yin (cool, deficient) and yang (heat, excess), as well as the flow of qi (i.e., energy) in the body. A balanced system does not run too hot or too cold, and has no energy sitting stagnant. (Think about when food becomes stagnant in your gut and gives you painful constipation – stagnant energy can also have negative outcomes that we feel physically and emotionally). In addition to Honey Fried Licorice’s balancing properties, it is used in TCM for clearing excess heat associated with hormone imbalances, which helps increase circulation, release damaged tissue, and soothe inflammation.

We’re big fans of Honey Fried Licorice root for periods, and we hope you are too!