Hormonal acne is overwhelming. We made dealing with it a treat.

What goes together better than chocolate and an easy period? How about chocolate, an easy period, AND clear skin?! Chica Glow is ALL THAT. Created to get rid of our own pesky acne and perfectly disguised in the decadent, soft center of a chocolate truffle – Chica Glow is the most delicious way to beat hormonal acne.

Chica Glow is an update to our Original handmade dark chocolate truffles – with the addition of Gardenia Fruit and Moutan Peony Bark to help prevent hormonal acne, in addition to the stellar improvements the Chica Original herbal formula already offers for your period.

Indulging in Chica Glow for two to three months in a row will offer the best results. Allow your body time to adjust, and enjoy delicious chocolate in the meantime.

Replace your acne worries with monthly Glow

Don’t let your period disrupt your shine.