Food for Thought

This week, we're getting real about our relationship to food, and how we envision a better version of ourselves and our uteri when we are eating well. Please read with caution if you have or are currently struggling with an eating disorder.   Elise: Dear My...

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On Thursday night, we competed in a pitch competition - the Big Idea at Colorado College. Women-led teams took home a majority of the prize money! Take that, Silicon Valley!  Elise: To My Power Pitcher, My brother teased me last night because he said that you and I...

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Chica’s Year in Review

Happy New Year! Are you tired of answering questions about your resolutions? Frustrated with your 2017? Find your escape by reading about ours. We don't have our 2018 planned yet either. Cassidy: To My CEO Hivemind, Happy 2018! Do you remember this time...

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Period Love: The Postcard

Happy holiday season from Chica HQ! Are you ushering in this year with a better period? This week, we follow up on our “shark week” story, with some more perspective. (And if you finish reading and find yourself agreeing that a biological function...

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A Happy Reading on Happy Bleeding

Welcome to Shark Week Chicas! You know how we’re always blabbing about destigmatizing periods? Wondering when that is gonna happen? This week, we’re getting dirty. Let’s talk about blood blood blood—it’s time for BATTLE. (A content warning for those of you...

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This Letter Won’t Be Graded

Did you miss us? Yeah, we didn’t either. But if you’ve been wondering how the heck we manage to do it all, look no further for your answer. In this week’s letter, we talk about what it is like to be a full-time student while also running a...

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A Letter Between Cofounders

Heya! We’ve heard from some friends that they want to know more about our backstory and what we’re up to now. Chica has a unique story, and we want to share it with you, so starting with this post right here, we’ll be sharing regularly about how Chica came...

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Scientists Say Bad Periods Take Away Nine Productive Days from You Every Year

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