Chica Reads

Love and Science

We recently read an article on the changing role of placebo in modern medicine, and it inspired us to return to the question of Chica’s

Recipes for Your Hormones

We’ve been eating Chica for a long time! And even though we love Chica’s flavor all on its own, we still enjoy mixing it up.

The Chica Dollar

This week’s letter focuses on Chica’s role as a conscious consumer. We are dropping an old supplier, investigating new ones, and expanding on our understanding

Learning From the Cancellations

Hello and welcome back from hiatus! No, not you, you didn’t go anywhere. Just talking to ourselves about our blogging habits. We’re back with a BTS

The Chica Manifesto

Last week, we felt a little lost, so this week we’re recollecting ourselves to get back on track. In these letters, we’re hashing out the

It’s All About the Herbs

Are you confused as hell by our herbs? Still don’t get the hype about hormone balance? That’s ok. This week, we’re trying to translate Traditional

The Menopause Question

Cassidy: To My Networking Nut, I write this from the plane as I jet away from our first honeymoon. Also known as our first business

Food for Thought

This week, we’re getting real about our relationship to food, and how we envision a better version of ourselves and our uteri when we are


On Thursday night, we competed in a pitch competition – the Big Idea at Colorado College. Women-led teams took home a majority of the prize money! Take

Chica’s Year in Review

Happy New Year! Are you tired of answering questions about your resolutions? Frustrated with your 2017? Find your escape by reading about ours. We don’t

A Happy Reading on Happy Bleeding

Welcome to Shark Week Chicas! You know how we’re always blabbing about destigmatizing periods? Wondering when that is gonna happen? This week, we’re getting dirty.

This Letter Won’t Be Graded

Did you miss us? Yeah, we didn’t either. But if you’ve been wondering how the heck we manage to do it all, look no further