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Hi! Elise and Cassidy here, co-founders of Chica, and we get it that periods can be a real pain. Whether your period is a small nuisance or a major disruption to your life, we’re on a mission to make periods less of a pain, one menustrator, one month, one Chica at a time.

Before we started Chica, our periods were probably a lot like yours. Each month (or however frequently our period chose to show up) brought unpleasantries like bloating and cramping, nausea and digestive issues, heavy bleeding, clusters of chin pimples and big ugly zits (you know the kind). Ugh.

In some months things were so bad, we put things we had planned to do… fun things… on hold, just because we had our period. 

What we didn’t realize when we struggled with our periods as teenagers, was that a natural, time-tested, holistic solution was right under our noses.

Co-founder Cassidy’s father, Marco Lam, LAc, MSOM, had been using an ancient blend of Chinese herbs with great success in his acupuncture clinic, helping women balance their hormones and ease their periods. He suggested we try it, and Chica was born. 

So if you’ve been told, “that’s just how it is,” or “there’s nothing you can really do about it,” or “maybe you should just get on the pill,” we can promise you that that just isn’t true.  You CAN get your life back from your period, and Chica can help.

Cassidy Lam

From the start, I struggled with pain and heavy bleeding, but my strategy was to take a painkiller and pretend it wasn’t happening, which didn’t work that well. My dad had women coming to his clinic for similar issues, but I didn’t want to deal with the intimidating herbal blends. This all changed when Elise and I connected over struggling with our periods in college. I started the Chica herbs and have enjoyed easier periods ever since. In addition to helping people feel better WITH their period, I’m passionate about ending stigmas around menstruation, so we can feel better about our period too.

Elise Morgan

My period got tough in college when I began having intense cramps and ugly, acne flare ups. On a visit home, Cassidy, her parents and I were sitting around her kitchen table talking. I was on my period and feeling rotten, and Marco suggested I try the Chinese herbal formulation that is now Chica. I did, and month over month things got better, even though I still had the stress of being at school. I’m passionate about empowering people to feel better every day of the month and discover the power of herbs for feeling better.

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