Reclaim Your Life From Your Period

Eat Chica Chocolate


It’s Not Just Chocolate. It’s Chica Chocolate.

Chica Chocolate truffles are sustainably-sourced, handmade nuggets of pure deliciousness, empowered by an ancient Chinese herbal formula that supports hormone balance and nourishes your blood for an easier period, naturally.

What Makes Chica Special?

It’s all in the herbs.

How Does Chica Work? 

In a word: synergy.

Our herbal formula draws its power from how the herbs work together. Much like a group of badass friends each supporting you in their own unique way to be your best self.

A Better Period in 24 Truffles 

Praise for Chica:

Emma S Testimonial

After my first week of eating Chica, I was already getting compliments on my skin — I couldn’t believe it!

Emma S.
Managing Editor
Sara P Testimonial

My experience with Chica is great so far! I used to get at least one huge zit on my face or chest during/leading up to my period, but with just my first month of Chica I didn’t experience this kind of acne. My skin is usually clear, so even one big zit would throw my confidence out of whack. Instead, with Chica, my face is clear! Naturally amazing😍 I usually experience really painful cramps in the first stage of my period, which I usually take Pamprin Max to alleviate. Usually I’ll have to take pamprin for at least two days of my cycle (4 pills total maybe) and this time around I only had to use one pill because my cramps were far less severe. I believe in the power of Chica and I SO prefer it to any over the counter medicine or unnatural remedy. Thank you thank you thank you!

Sara P.
Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing
Lauren A (short) Testimonial

My entire experience thus far has been enjoyable, from indulging in chocolate for 6 days pre-period to the anticipation of chocolate during my next cycle to actually witnessing the decrease in my hormonal acne!!

Lauren A. 
Natalie G (short) Testimonial

Chica is amazing. My cramps have been noticeably better ever since I started eating these. Everyone who has a period should try these.

Natalie G.
Higher Ed Member Relations Manager
Hannah W. Testimonial

I didn’t expect to feel a difference in my PMS symptoms my first month of using Chica–I thought it would take at least two or three months to be noticeable changes–but in the first month of eating Chica Chocolates my PMS symptoms, which can be pretty unbearable, more so than my actual period, became far more manageable and less intrusive/disruptive to my daily life.

Hannah W.
Full Time Student
Anonymous, Age 39

For the first few months of eating Chica Chocolates I didn’t see much of a difference, but for the past 2 cycles, now I’m at the 5 month mark, my flow is lighter, my cramps are less intense for less time, and my skin looks great!  One of the best parts of CC is how delicious they are, so I eat them in the evenings during PMS instead of junk!

Anonymous, Age 39
Zoe B Testimonial

I usually experience light cramping and a lethargic feeling just before and during my menstrual cycle, but for the past 2 months I haven’t experienced any!  I usually know when I’m about to “come on” because I get an upset stomach. For the past two months my period has taken me by surprise because I didn’t have the usual symptoms. The chocolates are delicious and have been a pleasure to eat every day. I’ve been eating 2 a day for the 6 days leading up to my period and I’ve enjoyed the ritual of eating something that’s good for me while also being a yummy treat!

Zoe B.
Occupational Therapist
Andrea B Testimonial

I really liked Chica, definitely felt amazing, positive changes and didn’t feel that mental fog I normally get during my period. I also felt more relaxed and at ease, plus my lower back pain wasn’t as noticeable.

Andrea B.
Mental Health Blogger
Anonymous, Age 44

You’re TOTALLY changing my experience of cramps–like from being immobilized to barely there!

Anonymous, Age 44
Anonymous, Age 24

Chica Chocolate has made a significant difference in how I live with my period. I don’t feel debilitated for days out of the month, I feel like myself. I have recommended this to friends and I will continue to.

Anonymous, Age 24
Anonymous, Age 29
My period has been noticeably lighter, shorter, and less intense. I’m impressed by the results of eating Chica Chocolates, and highly recommend them to friends and family. After Day 1 of my last cycle, I kept forgetting I even had my period!
Anonymous, Age 29
BCS testimonial

My period was so easy and I just so happened to be camping on the beach during my cycle! My cramps were so minimal, only about two hours right before bleeding and then they were gone. It was all so smooth, I almost forgot about my cycle! (After one month of eating Chica)

I love the chocolates and can see a difference in my skin and blood flow and color. No cramping and great improvement with mood! (After two months of eating Chica)


Classical Five Element Acupuncturist
Anna W. Testimonial

The first day of my period, I often have to call out of work. This time, the pain was not excruciating. I lasted all day without medication but took some Tylenol to sleep. And it worked! Usually it’s not strong enough.

Anna W.
Real Estate Marketing & Transaction Coordinator
Anonymous, Age 20

Chica worked amazingly well for me! I had noticeably less hormonal acne than usual, especially around my jawline and chin. I loved the earthy (not too bitter or sweet) flavor of the truffles and looked forward to eating them. I’m usually pretty incapacitated on the day before my period, but this time I had no back pain (something I’ve had with PMS for years and was worsened by a spinal injury) and was not depressed or melancholy. This time, it felt a lot less like my period was something that was happening to me that I had no say in. The few cramps I had were undramatic. I’m excited to see the effects of continued eating when it was this effective after one month!

Anonymous, Age 20
Madeline N. Testimonial

I have noticed a significant and monumental decrease in cramps, which had previously defined my horrible periods. I LOVE CHICA.

Madeline N.
Full Time Student

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